Ripping with liteOn LDW-851s

Is there a reason why this dive rips dvd’s so slowly, i thought litons did not have the protection on them. if thats what it is, is there any way to fix it. Also Its taking me too long to burn, im using sony dvd+r at 4x and its taking me around 30 min to burn. Any help woul be greatly appriciated


with original firmware ripping dvd is slow (protected!)
update with a new firmware
ripping with another dvd reader only
(that’s what i do and rippinf is very fast)

all dvsd burner are slow in ripping with original firmware

Ensure that DMA is enabled.

It takes about 14 to 15 mins for your DVD Writer to actually finish writing of any 4X DVD disc, but before that it will take further 10 mins or so for ripping off your pressed DVD video to your HD(and a further delay is possible IF you are talking about a Double-Layed 7-8GB original disc). So under such case, a TOTAL of 30 mins from ripping off to complete burning is reasonble.


well its actually taking me around 30 min to rip its going at 3,000 kbs, and then the burning takes around 30 min also. Dma is enabled for all and i loaded new firmware, im usuing dvdshrink if that makes a difference.

Who makes the IDE chipset on your mobo? Is it nVidia? Does your burner flash yellow and red when you are burning? It sounds to me like you have some IDE driver issues, but I am far from an expert.

give us your config (hard and soft)

I am running an athlon xp1600(1.4), windows 2000 and using nero 6 to burn. I hooked up another dvd drive to rip the video and it is only slightly faster it will rip about 3,00kbs while my liteon ldw-851s rips around 2,500kbs. nero info tool lists my burner at 8x reade and write and my other dvd drive at 40x read. Ive done the omnipatcher tool with the lastest firmware(GSOH) and dont see any changes. Only thing i have noticerd strage was that in nero infotool it says my windows aspi is not working correctly but my nero aspi is, dont know id thats a problem.

i just burned a dvd by using dvdshrink and it took 3hours and 15 min to finish, i used the option to burn in dvd shrink

when burning the buffer reading is 100 %, its 22 % done and its been running for 30 minutes

how are attached your drives in your motherboard ?

my dvd burner is attached to the secondary ide port as the master and my regular dvd player is set up as the slave.

I fixed the aspi problem but my disc is still burning, so far 75% in 1hr45min. After i guess ill restart and see if that helped at all. but i think over 2 hours is just a little bit off.

strange…sure dma is on?

yeah dma is on, i cant figure it out, cd burning is fine, burned a music disc in 2min30sec.

ive tried everything i can think of, ripping is slow but not that bad, but burning is horrible, so if anyone has any suggestions im open for them

  1. Kill your ASPI layer.
  2. If you haven’t yet, install MS default IDE drivers.
  3. Try a new/different 80 wire IDE cable.
  4. If you have any packet writing software installed get rid of it (ie. Nero InCD, Sonic DLA etc).
  5. Don’t run Nero InfoTool before burning/ripping (if you have reboot first).

Try disconnecting your regular DVD player and see how it goes…

Edit: Oh, just reread the thread and it looks like you might have fitted it after having the problem. Ignore this if this was the case.