Ripping with BenQ 1655

I have 2 DVD writers, a Plextor 708A(fw 1.11) and a new BenQ 1655(fw BCIB). While there is no doubt that the build quality of the Plextor is superior to the BenQ the BenQ appears to do a better job(on some disks at least). Of course the Plextor cost a lot more than the BenQ. When ripping cd’s that have a scratch or are a bit old and used quite a bit the Plextor can have problems ripping the cd and while scanning the disk it will refuse to go further. The BenQ on the other hand will rip the same cd without a problem, flies through it. Both will rip a cd in good condition no problem and I am using the default settings with both burners and the newest firmware on both. I am curious as to why this is. Can anyone shed some light on this.

(Different burners) + (different combo of optics/hardware) = (Different burning/ripping ability!). Simple as that. No two burners are exactly the same and none are calibrated exactly the same, even with models of the same batch, from the same assembley line. That’s why some people are lucky to possess the so-called “wonder drives”, such drives are ‘freaks’, created by a pure chance.

My Samsung SH-W162C is the best ripper of scratched/damaged media I’ve ever had. It succeeded on badly burned or old/scratched discs where all my other burners failed. LiteOn are also supposed to be good readers, but haven’t tried the latest models, so I can’t comment on how good those are for reading damaged media.

Now, regarding Plextor: One of my pet hates :iagree: … They are a rip-off, their so called “quality” is highly exaggerated. Plextor can be really good as a gift for a computer-literate girlfriend, you can’t fail but have her impressed with such a brutal display of financial strength. In such a scenario, a Plextror may just be the perfect Chrismas gift, as it may help the user to get laid. :bigsmile: But to burn discs? There are many brands out there costing half the money, and achieving better burns. Your BenQ is one of those, one of a great dying generation of Nexperia BenQ drives. Cherish it!