Ripping with AnyDVD



hi guys, my name is buck, i really need yourrrr help and underssssstanding, i am 62, retired millwwaright machinist, i arresteed, stroked twice 10 years ago, hardestt hit was short term meemorty, vocabulary, tremorr, i bougght the full slysoft pacckage, i have only used dvd hd, anydvdhd, it did work on my HP desktop, i enstalled it on my dell inspiron 1525 and yet to get it to turn out one disk, wen i put dvd movie in it say anydvd reading, then windows media trys to play movie, nowhere can i find part where it says (SIC, BackUp) or copy, i tried usint the step by step tutorial, when i hit ok on any screen on anydvd it simply disappears leaving me to open anydvd again, i tried looking in freq questions but can fifnd no help, i ininstalled completely and tried again, again no go, u might tell me do without, throw anydvd away , i am not unintelligent, howerver my strokes have left me fracturedd, please help, buck


Hey Buck, welcome to the forums.

Once you have the dvd in the drive, and AnyDVD has scanned it, you should stop Windows Media player from trying to play the movie. Then [B]RIGHT[/B] click on the little fox icon at the bottom right of your screen. This will give you the option to [I]Rip Video DVD to the Hardisk.[/I] Click on this, and set up a place on the hard drive where you want the ripped dvd to go.