Ripping with AnyDVD HD on GGW-H20L

I have a LG GGW-H20L and when I rip Blu-Rays with AnyDVD HD I only get speeds around 5 or 6 MB/s (never over 7) I think that’s around 1.5x is this normal?

I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit and windows says DMA is set to ultra DMA mode 6

and also it will burn my Sony 4x BD-R at 2x only MID SONY-NS2-02

using IMGBurn to burn the ISO

EDIT: well opened the firmware file using Media Code Speed Edit and SONY-NS2-02 is not listed to I guess it just defaults to 2x so that answers the second part

found the problem I had daemon tolls inastalled and the sptd (or whatever its called) driver was screwing it up ripping friday the 13th at 10MB/s at the start of the rip