Ripping with 712a?



may be a stupid question but i know that to rip at faster speeds you have to hold down the eject button and then put the dvd in but it seems as though i have to do this everytime i want to rip is this true or is there some way to permanently enable the faster ripping?

BTW i love the drive so far but have only had it a couple of days


You can unlock the drive using plextools software


This info is also located in the FAQ :wink: A small addition to phantagarow’s post. The option in PlexTools is called SpeedRead CD or SpeedRead DVD if you have inserted a DVD into the drive. If you enable this option the drive can read the DVD media at full speed instead of 2x. This option also works for the PX-708A drive. Welcome to the forum kingoftowns!


Thanks guys really appreciate the quick responses.