RIPPING,,,, What is your favorite drive for ripping?

Hi ALL!!

My old DVD-ROM drive is getting flaky, not sure what it even is (HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B)

Anyway was thinking of just buying a 2nd Burner to replace it but I would be most concerned with reading rather than writing with this drive.


Am I best off just getting another ROM drive?

THANKS for any input here, I really appreciate your time,


Currently, I use either my LiteOn LH-20A1H, or for the very rare disc that the Litey trips up on, a Samsung SH-S182D or SH-S203N.

With DVD burners so cheap now, I’d just get a burner (the drives I use are all DVD burners).


I too use the LiteOn 20A1H and Samsung 223F with the 16x DL read speed patch. Yes buy a burner they are very cheap.

lite-on 20A1P or BenQ 1640 [still testing] had alot of success with the lite-on :slight_smile:

Lite-On 20A4P. Wonderful ripping drive in my experience so far. I just wish it had lead out capabilities in EAC for Audio ripping. My old NEC 3520a was a wonderful burner, but that thing couldn’t read through even the slightest scratch.

Well that gives me a starting point,

Newegg has some Lite-on drives with free shipping and a Pioneer, I currently use a Pioneer to burn after my old Benq died, also have a LG in another PC I burn with occasionaly

Have not had any problems with either of them burning but I have never used either for ripping and I knew a lot of burners were not strong on reading which brings us to why I posted the question.

Seems some place I remember seeing that ROM drives were better for ripping as reading was ALL they were made to do, but things change fast with technology and these days I only catch up when I have to,


Another vote for LiteOn. I used a lot my LH-20A1H for ripping and now is retired (it’s not dead, the tray won’t open :sad:). I got a new LiteOn drive, the DH-20A4H and it’s as good as my LH-20A1H :clap:.