Ripping Volume Levels are Clipping



Hello all,

I have searched all over the net for an answer to my problem and came up with nothing. So here I am hoping for an answer.

Frequently when I rip a music CD (using my Samsung or Memorex DVD drives), when I look at the waveform, the music levels are heavily clipped.

I have ripped using SoundForge 7.0, Windows Media Player, and a couple of other programs, all with the same result. I have reduced all recording levels on the sound card to zero (even though I know it’s not going through it), same result.

Reducing volume levels or normalizing or anything else after the ripping operation does not, of course, eliminate the clipped peaks.

I cannot find a way to attenuate the data amplitude level coming out of the cd rom drive so that the signal levels are not clipped, other than doing a real-time analog recording and having control over the recording level that way.

How can the digital signal’s amplitude be reduced coming out of the cd-rom drive?

Thank you for any guidance on this.

Digital Dog


Use a better software for ripping and better drives if possible.


If you could be a little more specific as to what a better drive and software is, I’d appreciate it.

Am I to infer that “better” drives or software will allow me to control the signal level coming out of the drive?



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