Ripping VOB files


I had a question!

I copyed my dvd (underworld) to my computer with Nero to a .nrg file.
I unpacked it with IsoBuster.
Then i tryed to find out witch files to copy 2 the dvd
but the where Vob files and there where each 1 GB i needed 7 for it + audio!
and my dvd is only 4.7 GB!
so this is my question!

Is there a programm where i can rip ore make the files smaller with,
so that i can put all the files i copyed to my computer on a dvd!

thanx for

Try dvdshrink or clonedvd…in combination with dvddecrypter or anydvd…

Why messing around with vob files ??

Hilick, I think you have a lot of reading to do m8. Check out the Tutorial sections on how to backup your DVD to a DVDR. There are many ways to do it, some quick with average to good quality, some slow with excellent quality, some inbetween. Some free some expensive, but the free DVD Shrink is a good starting point.

well how would you guys do it then?

As I said, read the Tutorial section, I’d suggest you start here

thanx for the help bro but i did it already without reading :wink: