Ripping video from DVD using VPC

OK, I’ll get this all out front, then you decide if it’s illegal. The first time around, a friend purchased a PAL format, region 2 set of DVDs for me as a gift. I found an article that told me how to use VPC to stream the video to a file on my computer, then I used Nero to write the DVDs back out in NTSC, which my DVD player(s) can read and show. And, before I go any further I kept the original PAL DVDs. I made only one set of copies - for me. And, I erased the file(s) from my hard drive. As far as I know, that means the DVDs I’m watching were paid for, and, therefore, not illegal copies.

So, now the problem. The instructions for setting up VPC were for a much earlier version than the one I now have, and they no longer work. Silly me. I thought I could purchase another set of DVDs from Britain and go through the same process - and keep those PAL DVDs and make only one copy. …but now I can’t set up VPC to make the copy! Anyone feel like offering the info for setting up VPC version 1.0.0 to stream the video for me to create a copy?

If you don’t feel I’m doing something legal, after all, let me know!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To convert a PAL video into a NTSC one, you need to encode again the entire movie.

The easiest way to do this conversion is to rip first all files on your HDD, using a tool like AnyDVD, and then use a software like TMPGEnc (too bad not free :()

I don’t know right now if there is a free tool to do this. However, I’m moving this thread in the video edit software forum :slight_smile:

Finally, I can suggest a quicker solution: get a new standalone able to read both PAL and NTSC formats (most of recent players can do this and prices are not too high)