Ripping Unprotected DVD's?

I feel a little like an idiot for asking this, since the answer is probably obvious, and I’m oblivious to it.

I have 2 DVD’s that I got from a friend. They are full length movies burned on DVD SL media, in .AVI format.

How do I make an exact copy on another blank DVD SL disk?

Usually I just pop in the original in DVDFab, hit clone, and watch it work.

This time, DVDFab closes after reading the DVD.

UGH! It was going so well so far… but then I hit a road bump with these 2 disks…

Help is appreciated… I need to return the disks tomorow, so if I don’t get it right tonight, I lose out.



Suggest going back to DVDFab version and trying that (it is the lasg good VSO burning engine)-eh

Download imgburn & install & Run … make image … burn image.

A homemade DVD has no copy protection … unless you consider using incredibly poor quality media that has unreadable sectors all over it copy protection :wink:

Or you could just drag & drop the avi’s onto your HDD … and then use any software to burn the avi files back onto a new DVD - you don’t even need to make images.

Since they are unprotected and in avi format, all you have to do is go to My Computer, right click on the drive and copy and paste the contents of the disk where ever you want.

You can also use ImgBurn to build an ISO from the disk and burn to another.

Edit: late again

I use ImgBurn as my burning engine, VSO never finalized disks correctly for me.

In any case, I tried using ImgBurn to write an .iso file to the disk, but it gave me an error about the max file size. let me go try to recreate it to get the specifics.

Edit- … just tried recreating the error… and it worked.

As happy as I am that it worked, now I look like an idiot…