Ripping to HD - Smaller file than original?

I am using DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip a movie to the harddrive. After ripping the movie in DVD9 mode (100%) I open that folder in DVDShrink and it is about 60mb smaller than when I open the original in DVDshrink.

How is this? Shouldnt it be exactly the same as the original when ripping DVD9? Or is it smaller due to the copyrights being removed?

Any answers would be great. Thank You.

Hey BoSox did you answer your own question
[U]the copyrights being removed[/U] :bigsmile:

Really? I didnt think the copyrights took up actual disc space? So more often than not the unprotected file would be slightly smaller, than the original?

Reason I ask is it varies. For example Original was 6909mb and ripped was 6636mb, then original was 7859mb, and ripped was 7858mb.


What are you bumping?
Cp is removed (bobus title sets and so on) and so the ripped files are smaller.