Ripping the SACD layer from a hybrid SACD with a Plextor PX-708A

Can it be done, or is the Red Book CD format all that you can get? I’ve been ripping using the WMA Pro 16 bit lossless, but I would go to 24 bit &/or higher frequencies if it were worth it (BIG files).

Meanwhile, I have found that using the 24 bit format on RCA HDCD disks definitely seems to improve the quality, while using that format on ordinary 16 bit disks actually degrades the quality while still doubling the file size. In fact WMA pro lossless 16bit, 96Khz lossless is the best codec I’ve found for digitizing CD’s, and when the digital files are played on my machine through my Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS, they actually sound marginally better than when playing the CD using WMP or Real through the same card.

I also have an older Hitachi GD-5000. Any comments on utilizing that beast?

Can the Plex read such a SACD???

Thanks for that…yes ive been using wma pro for years now and ALWAYS 24bit cant be bothered with 16bit unless its ditherd from 24bit i’m a 96/24 man…what i tend to do on sacd is analogue transfer…ie record all 3 stereos and match them all up using ‘remove silence’ on all 3 pairs…not as easy as it looks as some discs the centre or sub doesnt kick in at same time as FL FR Ls Rs…prob with that is who wants to download a lossless file from me?..well actually people do…a few DVD A’s went up ok…so against my own personal choice they get fired ‘up there as wma pro vbr 96/24 lossy…well they’re popular and at only about 300mb avg seem to be popular…ive gone the flac route but they’re a bit bigger than the mlp files…the other bugbear about wma pro as much as i like it…you get the odd 5.0 or 4.0 channel so using wma pro a few channels are empty…have you noticed that odd thing when saving out 6 mono wavs and its a 5.0 or 4.0 even the ‘empty’ wavs are big too…why? theres nothing in them odd eh? nice to see other pro users about…as a guy working on vlc wrote to me saying ‘who needs that wma pro crap’ thats why wma pro isnt used in vlc…another thing i see that vlc 1.0.0 is a mess…the dts cd playback that was there before doesnt work…this guy asked me for a sample’ from a commercial dts cd…ha! good luck with that-u gotta record then not rip them…duh!

btw ive ripped and or recorded HDCD as 24bit…still not sure if to do them as 44.1khz or 48khz or even 96khz.but its 24bit thats for sure…so you reckon it makes diffrence in playback then? ok goodo…