Ripping speeds

Does the type of media you rip have a factor in the ripping speed? For example if you’re ripping a DVD (with a riplock free DVD-ROM) that’s on DVD-R 8x, will your max ripping speed hover around 8x? Also is the way the DVD is laid out(sector layout) determine your max ripping speed? Thanks.

ripping speeds depend on what format the disc is (i.e. -R, +R, -RW, +RW, +R DL, ROM, etc. etc.)…it’s detailed in your burner’s hardware specs as to what speeds it can read various formats of discs.

So if I have a 16x DVD-ROM and I rip a 8x DVD-R it should get up to about 16x? I have a Nec3500a and a Samsung TSH352A which both read DVD-R at 16x, so the specs say, but I don’t get above 13x on either. Yes I have DMA enabled.

Well, scratch the last post, the Nec3500a I have get’s up to 15.8x. The Samsung TS H352A doesn’t get above 8x. Both are in the same machine on the same IDE channel with DMA enabled on both. Starting to think the TS-H352A just sucks, this is my second one and it’s just as slow as the first. Only reason I picked up the second one was because I thought my first one was screwed. Bizarre thing is it reads CD-R at a fast rate. I even tried hooking it up as just a master and taking the Nec out of the loop, same results.

There is no real connection between the rated and/or burned speed of the media and the reading/ripping speed. On 16X drive, I burn at 4X, I can read up to the 16X. Also, don’t forget that officially movies are limited up to ~10X speed.

Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed test program, and test few DVDs, try both data and video.
The max speed of 16X is only at the edge of the disc, assuming the disc is clean and without problems, otherwise the drive slows down to try and read the errors.
Pressed disc may run faster than burned, single layer run faster than dual layer, clean run faster than dirty/scratched.


If you want fast read/rip - get an Aopen 1648/aap from for around $28 shipped - it currently is the fastest reader/ripper available and does good error correction (I have two of 'em)-


Well, I tried ripping a official movie DVD that I own using DVD decrypter and the Samsung got up to 12x. Prior to that I did run Nero CD-DVD speed using a burned DVD-R 8x and it averaged at 4.56x. The same media on my Nec 3500a averaged at 10.6x, reaching 15.8x as it’s top speed. Seems like the Samsung is really picky with the media and the speed it decides to read/rip at.

Oh well live and learn, next time i’ll buy another brand drive. I heard this one was good though. :rolleyes: