Ripping speeds with hacked FW

OK, I have 2.17_ritek DL4x firmware on my 3500, and it seemed, well not just seemed, it was ripping as fast as my benq 1620, but now its taking 25 min. to read a dvd before I burn it, but the benq is still only taking 15 min.
The NEC had caught up to the benq in the ripping dept. until now it seems to have reverted back to its riplocked state. I did flash to another fw but flashed back to the FW which I had for so long, so it has the FW that was working well on a lot of movies. Should I try flashing again? It obviously worked or the drive wouldnt work at all.
I wish I had a drive that ripped fast without hacked firmware. Cause theres alwasy so many questions without answers when issues like this come up.
NOTE: The NEC goes fast as lightening with previously ripped dvd, with only the main movie on it. I know its probably in part of the fact that its no longer encoded, but I am using “ANYDVD” so the discs are not encoded as soon as they’re loaded in the drive, so it shouldnt take so long anyway.
25 mins. is longer than usual, I think theres a problem!! :iagree:

ANd now it takes 8 min. to do the first analysing of a dvd with dvd shrink. Something wrong.

Use Nero DVD Speed and AnyDVD to test the transfer speed of a “pressed” DVD dual-layer movie. The NEC 3500A should start out at 3.1X and top out around 7.3X just before switching to the second layer of the DVD movie. Here, the speed should slowly drop from 7.3X to 3.1X when ripping the second layer. This is the most accurate read test.

If you see similar performance, then the problem could be coming from the ripping software (remove/reload) or the DVD disc.

Copying an encrypted dual-layer DVD will always take longer than a single, unencryted DVD (from 7X to 16X). Ripping an average 2 hour encrypted DVD with ONLY the main title, Englich AC 3/6 audio, and NO compression will take between 12 and 15 min.

well some take 15 min some take 25 min. This was when everything was OK still.

not all pressed retail DVDs are made the same, quality can verey just like burned DVDrs. i have some SL retail DVD`s that will only rip at 7X max using DVD Decripter and others that can reach 14X.

I know. But its taking 45 to and hour now. Narrrowed it down to the FW.

You are using AnyDVD. Obvious that it is the reason for the different ripping-times.

Could you explain that please? :slight_smile:

AnyDVD does “decrypt” protected DVDs and needs CPU power for that of course.
Most commercial DVDs are DVD-9 ones that will require extra time compared to DVD-5 media.

So if you rip an unprotected DVD-5 it should be done swift & fast.