Ripping speeds with A05

I bought a Pineorier A05 a couple of days ago and i’ve been playing around with it all weekend.

I was shocked to find out that it is locked to 2x ripping speeds with DVDs… but then i noticed something. I have a couple some DVDs that are not encrypted (imports and cheap walmart movies)… All of those can be ripped at ful 12x speed !

this means that the drive is will cap the rip speed based on the contents of the disk! If the movie is no encrypted, it will allow full speed !


Very odd indeed, my A05 rips any and all DVDs (Data and movie) at its full speed. What do you mean by non-encrypted Wal-Mart movies and imports? If they are real pressed DVD movies they are encrypted… at least all of my imports are.

Most cheap DVD’s and Hong Kong Imports are all single layer DVD5’s as well as not having any encryption. The single sided DVD’s are read in most dvdrom units faster than duel layer dvd9’s anyway. That is normal.

You can thank the MPAA:

I sold my old DVD-ROM and had to buy it back again when I realised. My 105 always rips at a perfect 2x through the whole disc, useless. Now I have to have another drive installed just for ripping. WTF an American organisation has to do with a Japanese product bought in Norway and shipped to Scotland is beyond me.

Yeh tell me about it,i have the same burner and same problem,im getting sick of ripping movies at 2x,and there seems to be a lot of people with this problem,ive seen heaps of people complaining about this on different forums,there must be a way to get it to ripp at full speed.

yes… i’m talking about region free and unencrypted DVDs will rip at full speed and only hollywood ones will rip at 2x.

I have 48 jackie chan DVDs which I purchased. So far about 50% of them rip at 2x. FU** the RIAA for making me wait 30 minutes instead of 6 minutes to rip my dvd.

No big deal. I have 3 machines with DVD readers in it, so i can rip 4 movies at a time. :slight_smile: Only my new DVD burner is slow

What kind of protection is that anyways…? “only let them rip at 2x… that’ll stop them for sure…?” what a bunch of morans those RIAA a$$-wipes are.

Originally posted by deaves
what a bunch of morans those RIAA a$$-wipes are.

I think in this case you mean the MPAA, but yes I share your opinion about the RIAA (aka RAPE) as well.

ahhh oh… yes… i ment MPAA

i’m so used to hating RIAA when it comes to ripping audio CDs. this whole business of ripping DVDs is new to me.

Don’t even get me starte with RIAA. If they start capping audio ripppig speeds on audio CDs I will go insane. I have 5 MP3 players and no audio CDs playes in my house. If i can’t rip the audio to MP3 then I can’t enjoy the music that i buy.