Ripping speeds which is best pioneer 109xla or the DVD1648/AAP PRO help



HI all

I have a pioneer 109xla and i can rip @12 but it only seems to rip pressed dvds at that speed not backups so i was going to get a aopen DVD1648/AAP PRO @16x for ripping do you think the aopen is better at it than the 109xla for ripping would it rip duel layer and backups betterthan the 109 would it be worth it do you think let me know thanks


The Aopen is a good drive for ripping DVD’s. I think/read, that it is one of the fastes DVD-ROM’s.


The Plex 716a and 109BK( with the changeover) are very fast readers. I have heard that the Aopen 1648 is the fastest reader, but the 716 and 109 are fast enough for me.