Ripping speed, how fast is fast?

Hey all, … when I rip using DVDFab (to generic, avi, 1 pass), … if I have a movie that’s 2 hours long, … my system will rip it in about 50-55 minutes.

Is this good, bad, … ugly? My system is a E8400, 2GB Ballistic Tracers 1066, 8800GTS Video, and Raid 1 hard drives, running Winxp. DVD drive is a Liteon 20x 20a1L.

I wonder if it would be faster to put the VOB files on the HD first, then convert to avi? , but I don’t think that DVDFab can use the HD as a source.


Anything better than real time is a BONUS !!!

I thought you were posting about ripping and burning not converting.

you got the setup i want to buy. Let me know how many frames per second you can convert the movie into psp with option psp.h264.firmware3.30+ and changing the audio to 128. I get about 58 fps for my t9300 t61 lenovo laptop. Let me know if i need to upgrade to a desktop?