Ripping software

I was wondering if i could get some opinions on what programs are good for ripping mp3s from my cd collection.
I’ve mostly been using musicmatch jukebox and think the mp3 sound quality is decent and the prog is fast and easy to use, but if there’s something out there that can make better sounding mp3s but still fast and simple to use, i’d like to know about it.
Any suggestions??

EAC with LAME encoder (search news for mroe information on this), the LAME encoder can also be used in Audiograbber, which has a more user friendly interface.

Usually Audiocatalyst suffices for myself, but above mentioned programs produce better quality.

thanks Da_Taxman, i’ll be sure to check it out :slight_smile:

EAC is very good indeed.
You can also use Audioconvert icw LAME encoder. (That’s audioconvert, not audioconverter!) :wink:

Get audiotools here!