Ripping Software-Whats the Best?

So far I have tried ImTOO (which was terrible) and DVD FAB (which seems to work flawlessly). I am ready to purchase DVD FAB. Is there other software out there that I might want to look at before buying DVD FAB? I would like to someday get to the point where I could backup Bluray as well. It seems very expensive right now, but I might consider buying software that does Bluray backup as well now so if/when I am ready I will already have the software necessary to do Bluray. I think the Slysoft Any DVD-HD fits that bill. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

If you did decide to purchase DVDFab, I’m sure Fengtao will add something that takes care of Hi Def formats in the future (I use DVDFab Platinum myself).

However…CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD/AnyDVD-HD from Slysoft also have a 21-day fully functional trial, so you could also try those and compare to DVDFab Plat, and decide which fits your needs more.

Hi thepowerrulz,

  Fengtao gives you FREE lifetime upgrades when you purchase FAB.:clap:

If that reason is not enough by itself; you have access to unlimited support from a lot of very knowledgeable people… here on this very site.


I used both DvdFab and AnyDvd for a while and ended up sticking with DvdFab in the long run. It’s probably worth using the 21 day trial period just to see which you like better.

But, to add a sense of urgency here: prices for DvdFab will be going up soon!

I prefer using dvdfab platinum and I am sure fengtao will add bluray later on. As for anydvd hd all it can do is rip to the hard drive at the moment and you need nero to burn to a bluray disc. But with the prices of those discs at the moment I would wait till they are cheaper like the double layer discs are now. I would purchase dvdfab platinum before May 8th as the price will be going up then. Try all before you buy as all programs give free trials


Have been a 2+ year user of DVD Fab Gold - and very strongly and proudly recommend it as the best programe of its kind out right now and worth every penny of its cost-eh!!

im a dvdfab lover. if you want blu-ray in future just stick around. Fengtao has it coming.

Agree with all the rest, DVDFAB Platinum is the best choice IMHO