Ripping slow

When i try to rip on dvdshrink im getting super slow ripping speeds. My read speeds on Nero cd-dvd speed go up to 16x, but ripping on dvdshrink doesnt. All i get is like 2x-4x ripping speeds.

I new have a Benq 1640 firmware BSKB (MSCE hacked)
UDMA mode
Secondary Master

It burns fine, just ripping is slow.

I need some help!

When ripping and encoding a DVD, your processor is put on heavy load.

To be able and make any judgement regarding your rip/encoding speed, we need more information about your hardware.

BTW, you can’t compare pure read speed in Nero CD/DVD Speed with the speed when encoding DVD’s.

P4 1.7GHz
768MB of SDRAM

i also have a Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-8000 drive as secondary slave in Multi-Word DMA Mode 2

Pinto2 expained it very good, the ripping, encoding and some times shrinking also with DVD Shrink drastically slow down the reading speed of the drive. Also slow ripping in addition to above factors depends to the movie platform and formate that originally has been made, therefore slow ripping using Shrink most of the time is normal.