Ripping & Shrinking DVD's in Mac OS X?

Hi, dear all.

I wanna know how to Ripping & Shrinking dvd’s in Mac OS X.

Can you point me some programs and methods for doing these tasks?

PS: new protected dvd’s can be Ripped & Shrinked using such tools and methods, just like anydvd can handle in PC OS?


Try MacOS version of Dvd2One.

Hi !!


But for new hard protected dvd’s I think dvd2one can’t handle it properly like Anydvd does in PC’s OS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know other program for Mac besides dvd2one for Mac which can handle new dvd protections?

Thanks again for your help.

Try shrinky-dvd-ink

For ripping latest protections, MacTheRipper.