Ripping/Setting Up/Burning Multiple ISO's to a Dual Layer Disk

Hello Everyone!

Ok so I already know how to fit multiple movies onto 1 disk by downloading them from the internet. However, my goal now is to rip rented movies into ISO format and fit more than one onto a dual layer disk to where it would play on my home DVD player and actually let me choose which one to watch.

Heres my process

I use AnyDVD to rip the movies into ISO format. That is something i know how to do. Then I am using ShrinkDVD to setup the ISO formats into one whole ISO image (using BACKUP). I think I am doing something wrong in this step. When i load the first ISO movie image from disk, i go to Re-Author and drag the title over to the left hand pane under DVD. Then i load the Second movie ISO and do the same (go to Re-Auther and drag it’s title to the same left hand pane). After i have loaded both Images and drug their titles to the left, I then click Backup and wait for DVDshrink to creat the image.

When the image is finished I then use imgBurn to burn the ISO from DVDshrink to my Dual layer disk. I know i have to select DVD-9 (meaning its a Dual Layer disk). After i load the ISO image and proceed to write it to the disk i get this error that pops up.

E 18:47:38 Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_02)

I continued anyways and got a couple more errors at the end of the burning process.

Then I went to my home DVD player, put the disk in, and played it. First there was no menu to choose which movie i wanted to play. The first movie ISO i loaded with DVDshrink played fine all the way through the movie. However, the second movie wasnt even recognized by the DVD player.

I messed up on configuring the disk in DVDshrink i think. Please any help would be greatly appreciated and I am not a noob so feel free to get technical.



You can’t and you need to read the forum rules as no one helps anyone renting and ripping or downloading movies etc…

…that’s rediculous this forum would not have people joining if it were against ripping movies and breaking Copyrights at our will no matter the source of the movie. I didn’t read the rules, however, would it make a difference if i lied and said i bought them? that’s not sensible logic. ALl i have to do is change my ip, re-register, and ask my question in a different manner.

and yes it is possible, your just new to this and know less than i if you believe its not possible. Or your ignorant and choose to stay within the walls of confinement in your own mind. Get real…

your comment reminds me of those simple minded sheep like people who believe hacking is bad, you rate your computer power like the size of your penis, and your a noob for using Vista, true power comes from Unix or its derivative like linux/BSD. Thats why you’ll never grow exponentially by testing the limits and i will. I think i just buried myself here on this forum, its ok ill find somewhere else to get my questions answered, maybe there are some smart optimistic knowledge sharing people elsewhere.

Sorry we cant help you here with this. When you buy the movie you may back it up for your own use. Thankyou for understanding.:wink: