Ripping Question

Hi guys, just wondering, i want to make backups of dvd’s to my hard drive, except i want to back them up as one file so i can watch it whenever i want. But i want to keep FULL quality and resolution, and have all the menus, extras, special features etc. so can i backup a dvd as one file and watch it as a dvd with all the menus etc off my hard drive?

You can backup everything as one [B]folder[/B], the Video_TS folder. Most media players will look for this folder when playing dvd video anyway.

Another option is to backup your movies as an ISO. Whichever media player you use on your computer would have to have the ability to use ISO files though. I know VLC can do this.

You can use DVDFab HD Decrypter to backup a dvd either as files (in the Video_TS folder) or as an ISO.

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If you decide to backup to a .ISO image then you can always mount the image using Daemon Tools ( it’s free and simple. Then the DVD will appear as a new drive letter just as if it were a physical disk inserted in a dvd drive.



cool thanks guys