Ripping Question

What is the typical rip speed on a DVD-ROM? (I have an ASUS E616P2)

Does anybody know what I should be expecting on my DVD-ROM?

I do not seem to come close to approaching 16X and since there is no riplock firmware there isn’t much I can do. I’m just trying to figure out if something is wrong with my DVD-ROM drive. Thanks!

Also as a note I ran a transfer rate test on a DVD-R and it only maxed out at 10x what’s the deal?

16x is the max speed the device is capable of. There are many factors which will keep you from reading at that speed. Your hardware, CPU, memory, disk drive, FSB, transfer rate, etc. will all affect your speed. Also, it depends on the type of DVD you are trying to read. A single layer DVD will read much faster than a dual layer. Also, if you are reading a copy protected DVD and trying to de-crypt it, the speed will be directly proportional to the speed of the CPU, FSB, IDE transfer rate and disk speed. Some people report that they can read at close to 16x and some people say they can only read at 1x-2x. Without knowing what your system hardware is, and what type of media you are reading, it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. If you are getting 10x read speed on a movie DVD, I would say that your DVD-ROM is functioning just fine.

I was getting 10X speed on a full single layer DVD-R


Barton 2500+ Mobile IQYHA @ 2387MHz (11 x 217)
2 x 256Mb Mushkin Level 1 PC3500
NEC 3500AG 2.18 w/ ASUS DVD-E616P2
BFG 6800OC
74Gb Western Digital Raptor
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Logitech Z-5300
Windows XP SP1

This transfer rate is from a full length DVD-R. It maxes out at 10X. Why doesn’t it go to 16x? Riplock? Thanks!