Ripping protected DVD's

I bought a few DVD’s a few weeks ago but one of them got a little scratch on it and it won’t work anymore :a:a:a It got scratched IN the DVD player too I don’t leave DVD’s outta their boxes.

I take it the best way to make sure this doesn’t happen again is to copy the DVD’s onto my comp so I got Devede and K3B for Ubuntu and tried to rip my DVD’s but I ran into a wee problem. It won’t let me rip them. I can’t manually browse the DVD contents with nautilus. I can browse them with K3B but theres no RIP button like there should be. I tried manually dragging a folder from the DVD to my harddrive but I got an error saying “Folder is read only” or something like that.

I tried both Devede and K3B and the problem seems to be that these DVD’s are copyright protected. I know that people still rip protected DVD’s though so I’m wondering how they do this. Sorry if these are all newb questions I’ve never ripped a CD in my life I just decided to start when I broke yet another DVD and had to go buy a new copy. I’m not only paying for the contents its costing me $20 for the DVD itself because they scratch so easily.

Hi DrFishNips and Welcome:

This thread, which I participated in, will get you started and it deals with commercial movies. Remember to use quality media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (avaliable on-line).

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