Ripping Programs

Just new to dvd ripping however I am finding some dvd’s harder to rip than others.
Why do some rip easy and others like alien 3 that I just finnished backing up to vcd, made me try 4 different programs until I found one that completed the job without crashing, coming up with errors ,or just plain telling me it cant .
Is it some sort of protection or what.:stuck_out_tongue:

I encountered this problem myself. It happens typically if the CD has any sort of scratches or fingerprints. On a DVD player, these errors may be shown a small very brief artifact in the picture; often unnoticed, where as a DVD ripping program will keep rereading the sector until it successfully reads it or fails after 10 or so attempts. I’m not sure if some DVD rippers will just ignore errors after several attemps and just skip the problem spot.

I’d wonder if the movie industry are beginning to add the occasional error that won’t be noticed on the TV, (dark/action seen for exapmle), but causes a DVD ripper to fail. Adding errors to Audio CDs was used in the early copy protected Audio CDs.

I’ve heard of mates having problems with DVD rippers until a DVD player application (WinDVD for example) has been run just before the DVD ripping software. :wink:

Ive just ripped Ice Age, and when dvd decrypter done its job it ripped the directors comments and video rather than the main streams.

In this case , after messing around for a while, it still wouldnt rip correctly.
What i found was , that the directors comments (the audio stream), was put at the beginning, within the first VOB.

Using now, smart ripper, i stripped each chapter and then passed back through IFOEdit, brilliant tool, respect to Derrow.
Now after IFO has done its work, the audio is correctly in its proper place, but, when playing back the film in a stand alaone player, the audio is not present until, on my dvd player, i press to select AC3 5.1 audio, i found that the 2 channel stream was as default.
I lot of messing but worth it in the end.

The point is, the makers are tring to put people off , in my opinion, so that they dont bother in the end. Even then, with some people , it makes them more determined, so not to be beaten… ahem!!

Of any interest, Planet Of The Apes , is another , where the chapters are to be ripped rather than the VOB’s.

Thanks m8’s for the help.
By the way first I tried smart ripper it just crashed big time (reboot req) 4 times, Then I tried dvd decrypter after 1 hour it got to 95 % then came up with an i\o error,their forum suggested I get another burner as it couldnt read the disk.
Lastly I tried cladDVD it took 1 hour to rip the first 5 vob files then 2 1\2 hours to rip the last (the problem file) However the final outcome sucsess and a top quality back up to.
something I did notice is dvd decrypter has a fast error skip, might have to look into that a bit deeper.
Any way next Im going to try chicken mans easy vcd it sounds good ,nice and easy.
Have to get more info on these xvcd’s though “there new to me”

DVD Decrypter is capable of ripping just about anything you can throw at it.
The problem is, you need to understand what you’re doing and what the program is telling you. When you get an I/O error, it’s not something the program is just making up, it’s being returned by your drive. There is absolutly no way around this. No matter how many different programs you try, you’ll always get an error.
Its just down to the program whether or not the error gets reported and after how many retries. DVDs are not supposed to have bad sectors on them (like some game cds). If you get an error, its a bad disc - return it.
It is most certainly not some new form of DVD copy protection.

As for the directors comments stuff mentioned by someone else, this is nothing to do with the ripper. Its down to the player software.

Originally posted by knackers

Any way next Im going to try chicken mans easy vcd it sounds good ,nice and easy.

Arr… its not my EazyVCD, I’ve only spoken to the author about it, thats all. But is a great and simple to use program and produces some great VCD’s.

@BoNeZ-UK, I’ve ripped both R4 PAL (actaully they are R2 & R4) IceAge and Planet of the Apes, first go with SmartRipper 2.41 as I would rip any other DVD. Nothing special about them at all as far as I have seen. Sounds like a dirty DVD or a badly pressed DVD problem to me.

Sorry chicken man I have been following your instructions on how to do this and I meant ,what you were recomending.
sorry about the misunderstanding.
Keep up the good work Its a great help

My mistake I thought you were talking about the program called EazyVCD. Its a great program and I highy recomend it for making VCD’s. Uses all the same software I recomend and its only 2-3 clicks to convert.

Have a read at and version 1.2 was released today as well.