Ripping program for dvds and Blu ray to use in WD TV HD player

What is the best DVD ripper and BD ripper for WD TV HD and what is the best video format for WD TV HD to play it?

I’ve moved your question into a separate thread Z41dQ8.

The best ripper for BD right now is AnyDVD HD. It is the only one that is effective against BD+ protection that is added to many blu ray movies. It also works well for dvds.

I’ll let someone with experience using this player answer your format question.

MakeMKV is good I hear but not sure on a personal level.

I used xilisoft and imtoo products for DvD and BD ripping, but the problem is the programs doesn’t support widescreen aspect ratio.

Handbrake and AnyDvD are the outstanding programs better than xilisoft and imtoo, thanks for the posts in this forum :slight_smile: