Ripping Problems

Greetings from NZ, in the last month I’ve bought 2 MP3 players, a Creative 20Gb Zen & a Sony NW-E507 ( for the wife!! ). Can’t rip Cd’s with either the Creative Software or the Sony Software. No problems with ripping CD’s with my MusicMatch software. The Creative software comes up with a window telling me that my CD drive doesn’t support Digital Playback, & the Sony Software Keeps telling me to put an audio disc in the drive. My CD R/RW is an Atapi unit, & I’m using ME. I’ve swopped the Scsi1hlp.vxd file for the older one.In Device Manager in the properties page for my CD drive the Digital CD Playback box is greyed out. I can use both MP3 players ok by ripping CD’s with my MusicMatch software & then copying the files over to the Creative & Sony programs, just is a bit long winded that way.
Anybody got any clues?

“& I’m using ME” - thatz your first problem.
i would try CDEX or audiograbber to rip your cds. both are free

I can burn all the CD’s I want using MusicMatch.I just wanted to know why the other software wouldn’t rip CD’s.