Ripping problem

Every time I rip a song from any CD, the ripped song has a lot of “small time skippings” in it. Anyone knows how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

First, when you post a question, please include as much information as you can about your situation. Why don’t we start with which program you were using? I can’t figure out how you could expect people to find a solution with no information about the problem except that you have a problem. “I have a car and it makes a ticking noise–what should I do?”.

With that out of the way, you may want to try a program called “Exact Audio Copy” (EAC). It is essentially freeware (the author in Germany asks you send him a postcard). If your CD is in good condition, or in reasonably good condition, it is probably a good place to start. You didn’t mention if your CD is a burned copy, either, or how many CD’s you have tried, nor even what kind or how many drives you’ve used. A burned CD could have errors, and a pressed CD could have copy protection which your drive may not be able to defeat by certain measures. On the latter possible problem, sometime more primitive ripping programs will actually re-encode the analog audio output from your sound card. Sophisticated (digital) ripping programs like EAC bypass the sound card entirely. I can’t recommend an analog-style ripper because I don’t use them.

I noticed this post has been here for 4 days with no reply. That is probably because there is very little information with which to help you. I hope this was of some help, but please remember to help US help you.

Good luck!

I always have the problem, no matter which program I use (the ripper of Nero, Smart Wav and Mp3 converter, etc.). Any ripped song always has different and small time skippings that make it horrible to listen, no matter, the cd where they were ripped (original, burned, etc.)… The drive I use is the normal Cd reader. Any solution now?

That’s probably the problem.
Have you tried to rip with the burner?

Tell us which model is you CD-ROM.
A lot of old CD-ROMs can’t do DAE without errors.

Check this thread and the list of drives and their DAE quality:

I’ll try and then reply. Thanks.

Now I know that I am new to this website, but I really need to find some information about the license that Napster uses to protect its WMA files.

I have about 15,000 songs with Napster and my account is going to expire shortly, and I would really like to keep the songs.

I have already tried Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Unfuck, AEDtools, and CDMaster32, and they have all failed.

Please post something that might help…THANKS!