Ripping onto NAS


I have used the DVDfab product line for a long time, both free and non-free and the only version which would allow me to rip to Network Attached Storage is DVDFab Express

Anyone else having the same issue?



DVDFab Express is not a product now. Did you mean DVDFab Decrypter If so I have had certain time it would rip where the Platinum would not. I have a home network but never tried to rip to or from a drive on other computers on the network.

I did mean DVDFab Decrypter…
Anyone else tried to rip their movies onto a Network Attached Storage?



Hi VF,

All my DVD’s are ripped onto a NAS device with no problems whatsoever. I am currently using DVDFab Platinum, but have in the past used DVDFab Decrypter also with no problems.

I am using FreeNAS which is not a commercial NAS solution but that shouldn’t make any difference. As long as your NAS device is providing standard CIFS shares that you can see from the PC then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe user permissions are the issue. What about if you map the NAS share as a local drive on your PC and then try copying the DVD to that local drive letter and see if that helps.