Ripping nightmare

Does anyone have any idea what would cause my computer to hang repeatedly when trying to rip a dvd to my hard drive?

I’m running Windows XP with 2gb ram and a 300gb hd. I use Anydvd HD or DVDFab Platinum 5.1. I have my antivirus turned off. This computer is one of two connected to the internet via a router, but it’s being used after hours, so it’s the only computer running. Furthermore, when I’m ripping a dvd, I’m doing nothing else whatsoever on the computer.

At times, I can rip several DVDs without incident. Then, I will attempt a rip and have the computer hang on me 5 times regardless of which software I use. I’ve looked through the Event Viewer logs and the only one showing up at present is a few NetDDE errors, Event IDs 12 and 212.

If anyone has been through this nightmare themselves, I would greatly appreciate knowing what you did to remedy the problem.

I’ve had similar issues in the past. The first time it was simply a bad burner. I also had a case where the IDE controller was jacked. Using an addon IDE card resolved the problem.

You can start will all the normal stuff. Verify the cables are connected properly. Try swapping the data cable and try a different power cable. Ensure you have the latest MB drivers installed (IDE controller), if you already have the latest, simply reinstall the same version. Aside from that, you are back to hardware, likely the burner.