Ripping my hair out

can anybody please help me?. i have got 2 dvd burners, Sony dw-d23a and and a medion (code on case is pioneer dvr-106db) problem is,if i copy a dvd on any of them they both copy ok. when i put the copied dvd back in they both light up at the front panel and then go out.i then click (start-my computer)when i click on the drive it says please insert disc.i have downloaded nero info tool, when i click aspi it says aspi files are missing.
these files are shown as :-waspi32.dll and winaspi.dll. can anyone help before i go bald. many thanx

you may need aspi drivers. try downloading the drivers and installing them

Maybe install it by using ForceASPI 1.7.

Anyway, crossposting/doubleposting is not nice nor allowed…

where can i download the drivers

Instructions included inside :slight_smile:

I always do the procedure in this way :

  1. dumpASPI
  2. killASPI
  3. instASPI

You should be fine after doing that, assuming that the main source of the problem lies in the ASPI Layer.

many thanks danio. it seems to have done the trick. my sony is now playing my dvds but the pioneer has not recognised the disc yet, i will have to re configure that one. one again many many thanks. jasper

dear chef… are you blind iam not double posting at all.i thought noone would look at the title "ripping my hair out)so i changed the title and also added some extra info.perhaps if you would have taken time to check you would have seen the extra

still double posting… asking the same question twice.

:doh: Leo

ok sorry just pi**ed off with the pc got the sony working ok, pioneer 106d still not playing. nero info tool says that both r working ok and pioneer is running on firmware v 1.05.any help please
i now need a chuffing wig for my head

Please don’t tell me now that I would be also responsilbe for rules that exist in this forum which are, BTW, correct and clear , otherwise this would end up in a redundancy mess… :rolleyes:

So, back to the problem.
Uninstall the IDE channels in Devicemanager, then restart. Also follow the HOW TO link in my sig.

Are tools like Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD and Packet-Writing Software like InCD installed? Is the IMAPI Burn Engines service disabled?

chef, many apologies for remarks,my f***ing head is in agony with stress…i am a bit of a novice, but iwill do my best. do i uninstall both ide channels prim/sec? ihave got clone cd/dvd both and i have nero 6 ultra installed and i dont know what IMAPI burn engines service is. did i mention it is playing audio cds ok.i have printed out your HOW TO

Here is explained how to disable the IMAPI burn engine:

Maybe it helps you.

Good Luck!

many thanks chef.jasper

chef i have now disabled my imapi service.was it right that just underneath that it said service status and it was off. jasper

Oh, have you tested the drive(s) in another computer maybe?

no i dont have access to another one