Ripping music help

Hola everyone,

I feel weird being classified as a “newbie” however, to this forum that is exactly what I am. Here’s my dilemma:

I am trying to rip music off of different games for different systems. Presently I’d like to get the music off of Panzer Dragoon (the original) for the Saturn, but do not know of any programs out there that can do so. I have the game itself, so I’m attempting to rip off of it, not a ROM. I could have sworn that there was a program to do this, but I cannot remember the name nor the source. If at all possible, I’d like it to be a Winamp plugin, as I want to convert it to MP3 so then I can burn it to CD.

And to fend off anyone who might say “That’s illegal you hoser! Buy the soundtrack!”…I can’t. It was available on in Japan and it’s out of print. So :stuck_out_tongue: I would if I could as it has extra tracks, but I can’t.

There’s other games I’d like to get music off of as well for the Saturn, but this is the main one. Thanks for y’alls help on this. 8)


One way is to use TotalRecorder which will produce a wav file from anything playing though your sound card.

Well, I’m trying to maintain the quality and such. WAV has lesser quality than MP3…and going from my Saturn to my PC, I don’t know how much signal loss there would be.

But as a last resort, yea, that’s what I’ll do.


wav has lesser quality than mp3? where did u ever hear that? wavs are uncompressed and have 100% of the original sound source, while mp3s are encoded from wavs and are lossy encoded.

Pardon me…yea, you are correct. :o If I do go that route (still hoping for some type of converter), does TotalRecorder have a file size limit? For CD quality sound it’d take around 10.6 megs per minute and some of the files that I want to rip are 10 min plus, therefore large file sizes (for sounds at least).


it doesn’t have a file size limit, although 10 minutes (or 100mb) would be relatively short anyway compared to what some ppl use the program to record, such as cassettes, lps, and live broadcasts.