Ripping Music from Video



Hi everyone

How can I rip the music from a music video? This is a band that tragically broke up a while ago and didn’t have the good sense to put this brilliant song on either of their most widely available albums, I’m not really sure if that makes this piracy or anything :slight_smile: But the song has proven impossible to acquire either legally or illegally

I’m not really sure what the properties are, G-Spot tells me it’s an MPEG 1 Layer 2, VCD

The video is here (Download - Videos - Music vids) called ‘I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder’

Please help me out :flower: I don’t know the first thing about this kind of stuff


O.K LydiaHarrison. This is something that you could usefully familiarise with. It’s a question of file conversion. As long as you stay in the digital domain you won’t get much variance from the quality of the downloaded original. The download arrives as a file that contains a video track and an audio track. Luckily, in your case it’s stereo. You need to load that file into software that’ll enable you to export the audio track on its own. I’m surprised you haven’t been showered with answers as there’s more software out there than I’ve even heard of. What I did, quickly, was to load the downloaded file into windows movie maker, then exported it as a DV AVI file. This then went into soundforge which enabled me to save the stereo audio track as a WAV file. This can then be burned onto a cd as audio. There’s always the option to save it as an mp3 file to play it on a device with street cred ! As I said, there’s a million and one ways to achieve this. The concept of what software does what with what types of file is the useful thing to familiarise yourself with. Give me the nod and I’ll e-mail the resultant wav file, if you want. regards. P.S