Ripping music from Flash movies

Hi, I signed up & used this site once before & got great results. My question was answered by wonderful, knowledgeable folks. I then had a computer crash & am just getting back to trying to reload my computer with programs I had come to love. My original question to you was if anyone knew of a freeware program that would rip music from flash movies such as youtube. A great program was suggested to me which I downloaded & used with sucess. I’m an older person & since the crash it has absolutely left my mind what the name of the program was. Please can some help me…Thanks so much guys & gals at CD freaks, Karen:bow:

I don’t know which one might have been suggested.
This one is fairly simple
It will convert the .flv (Flash video) rto a .mp3 if all you want is a music file.
The program suggested before was Super.At least that’s the one I found in the old topic.