Ripping Movies to Harddrive?



I am new to this whole dvd burning thing. I use 1 click dvd copy v4.2.9.2 with dvd43. Seems to be working fine have a few problems but recently learned I have to shut down antivirus program to get small video errors to not appear on burnt dvd’s.

The question I have is I am trying to rip dvd’s onto my harddrive so my two boys can watch them on the harddrive on long drives, instead of dragging dvd’s with me.

I have 1 click dvd to avi and dve to mpeg.

When I go to rip a movie it lets me but I can only choose 1 vts file which is only part of the movie. How to I get the entire movie?

Thanks In Advance


I don’t use either program so I can’t say how they work regarding building of ISO’s.

I use CloneDVD or DVDShrink to make an ISO of the files I’ve ripped to the HDD. Once the ISO is built, any virtual device can mount the iso and trick windows into thinking the orginal disc is present. I use Alcohol 120 as my virtual driver, tho Daemon Tools would also work.

Provided drive space isn’t an issue, one nice feature of that method is you don’t have to worry about compressing the disc to fit to a SL blank DVD.


You mentioned your rips are successfully?
Maybe tryin clonedvd/anydvd or dvdfabdecrypter then just use a software player like VLC or PowerDvd.