Ripping movie scenes and burning to another DVD



first, i am not technologically proficient by any means, so i’m looking for step by step instruction and/or software does does the work for me…

i am puting on a conference that utilizes movie clips to emphasize points/ideas.

i am wanting to rip individual scenes (not whole chapters) from a bunch of movies (copy-protected, but i bought all the movies and possess them myself) and then burn them onto a single DVD that i would play through a regular DVD player and projector. so i could just click on the clip i need next; like a playlist.

i am cofused by all the lingo of decrypting and encoding and different file formats, which is why i need a very user friendly interface that really does the work for me.

i saw some software called AoA DVD Ripper than can rip down to the timecodes of certain segment/scenes. but i don’t know if it can do the rest (burn it all as an encoded “DVD” or whatever)…

i am needing any and all feedback/suggestions.

i suppose the easiest thing is to rip the scenes to my hard drive and just use my laptop, hooked to the projector and use media player or something to play the scenes straight from there - but i don’t even know how to do that. regardless, i’m going to need sofware that’s capeable of ripping just parts of a movie (copy-protected at that).

i hope this isn’t too stupid…


DVDFAB Platinum,and use the customize mode…Try it out!..
There are other methods for free with several proggys ,however IMO ,this is the easiest All in One there is, …It’ll rip and copy to your HDD the full flick or just parts and burn them…And if you don’t want to rip to hdd first, just burn straight to disc…Free 30 trial…Have fun and good luck!



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thanks for the info tOnee1. i don’t mind buying something - if i know for sure it’ll do what i need, in regards to “try it”. :slight_smile: (i assume the platinum version is not free)


thanks GJ - i had no idea where to post and put it in the other one first, then came across this “newbie” forum. can i delete it out of the other one?


No, the Plat/Gold versions are not free,but you can try for 30 days fully functional…You will not be disappointed…And as far as double posting, not to worry we were all noobie’s once…“Mods” will fix it I’m sure, since I’m “not” one of them…:cool:


yup like t0nee1 said. Only mod’s can delete posts and threads


thanks guys. last night i downloaded DVDfab decrypter and DVDshrink. now i just need to read up on how to use them. will these two alone allow me to rip the clips i need for the movies and then copy/burn them to a single DVD-R? and encode it as a DVD (or whatever i gotta do to make it readable in a regular DVD player?


Yes that should work well for you…Just rip with Fab to HDD,you’ll have a VIDEO_TS folder, then open the folder with Shrink in Re-author mode and use the start and end frame feature to save only sections needed…For burning there is nothing like IMGBurn, IMHO!
Good luck!


and then can i save each “section” or clip as it’s own file, then when it’s on the DVD i can click on the one i want, like a title page or chapter page?