Ripping Movie only

My final result that I want is a Divx or Xvid Movie. Presently I use anydvd to rip the movie to my harddrive then I use CloneDVD to take that result and extract only the movie, and the audio/subchannels that I want to another folder on my harddrive then I encode the results with Divx or Xvid.

I know that about 90% of the time I could probably use CloneDVD without ripping with anydvd, but these files will not have FixVTS applied to them so I don’t have any confidence in them.

I have also notice that DVDEncrypter FAB,, Ripit4me all can rip the DVD in a Movie Only mode (even on Arccos Movies) saving me the CloneDVD step.

I would like to know if AnyDVD can add a rip-movie-only mode?

Probably could, butprobably won’t.

You don’t have to copy to your HD first. You can just skip to the CloneDVD step. AnyDVD works in the background.

Yeah, if it was not one of the movies that reqired FixVTS (arccos or ripguard), which seem to be fewer and fewer every year.