Ripping Lord Of The Rings Appendices to Iphone (Philips SPD2411)



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips SPD2411. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have used DVD Shrink to make 6 images of my Lord of the Rings Appendices Discs. This is the first set of DVDs that I’ve tried to rip to .m4v format.

When I open up the .iso I’ve made there are, of course, many chapters.

I select several of the tracks that I would like, there are a few that I don’t want.

Then getting to the task list.

Then using these compression settings:

This is where I’m confused. I want my chapters to be compiled into one file… not several for each chapter. When I run the process of compression, it writes out many files. How can I change this so that my selected tracks get written out as one file. DVDFab should be able to do this, I’m just not sure what mistake I’m making. Any help would be appreciated!


You are not doing anything wrong (other than selecting too large a screen size/not enough bits/pixel). DVD Titles (this is what you are converting, not chapters) are converted to individual files. You can use a file joiner to make one file if you want this–many are available free, just google “file joiner”.


Do you mean join the DVD Titles or the output files?


The output files. DVDFab Merge mode will put titles from many sources together into one DVD structure. Sorry I was not more clear.