Ripping Karaoke VCD

Hi All,

Im new here. :slight_smile:
I was thinking this is the best place to get some help.

Heres my question:
I have this Karaoke VCD (Multiplex). How can I grab the DAT files into my computer to more common video file types? Ex. Mpeg, WMV, AVI, etc.

BUT HERES THE CATCH… I want the ripped video files to have its audio channel separated already. DE-Multiplexed? Not sure if thats the term. Meaning the vocal part of the audio will be gone leaving the instruments only.

How can i do this?

Thanks to anyone who can point me to the right direction.


The link was about grabbing audio from a Karaoke VCD.

What i meant was grabbing video with a dumuxed audio.

or was the answer on that thread too? :confused:

Well, it seems Womble’s tools can actually do that.

OK. Ive been playing with MPEG-VCR and figured out how to extract DAT files to mpeg.

But i still cant figure out how to make the extracted have only one audio channel (instruments only).

I tried to use the DeMultiplexer under Tools, but all it does is give me two files. An MPV (video) file and an MPA (audio file) that still has the vocals.