Ripping just the audio and subs

I have ripped the contents of a DVD to my HDD, took all the files (dvddecrypter). It takes about 4.36gigs, so it won’t fit on one DVD. So I’d like to rip the extra audio tracks and subtitles, since just ripping one audio track should make it small enough, however after I use dvd2one without all audio tracks, it still touches the video, why ? If there’s already enough ripped, why does it make the video smaller as well ? The end result takes only 3,5gigs, no point in making it that small. And yes the size was set to the original 4400 megs or something. So is there a way to disable the video recoding ?

To put it simply, I don’t understand why it touches the video, or doesn’t it care about the size at all ?

It didn’t touch the video, the output size was determined by the amount of data you removed!

DVD2one doesn’t upsample the output if it’s below your desired output size.