Ripping Images and running through Daemon

I’ve jsut got a new comuter and i’m new to burning/ripping DVD’s.

I got the new Medieval Total War 2 game. It’s on a DVD Rom disk. I want to rip an image of the dvd to my hardrive so that I can run it without carrying the disk around.

I’ve got Roxio creator on my computer. So I used that to create an Image file. Strangely it made 3 files. One about 2.09 GB, another 1.82GB and another 1kb File.

I read on another thread that the disk is protected by Safedisk 2. I downloaded Daemon and set the emulation accordingly. When mount the image, the auto run feature launches (as it does when I put the original disk in). But when I click on play game, it asks for the proper disk.

Any help?

Welcome lachym,

I closed the other thread as cross posting is against our forum rules and won’t solve your problem quicker. Roxio won’t do the job follow this guide step by step and if there’s still a problem post here.

Thanks for that. I realised that I had probably posted in the wrong area but didn’t know how to close/cancel it.

Thanks again.