Ripping home video DVD



I don’t know if this is the correct forum, but here goes…

I’m just starting digitial home movies. I can’t rip a large movie file from my dvd RW mini-disc to my hard drive for editing. At about 12% I get the message of an I/O error. I Googled the error message and took the suggested steps without better results. The suggested fixes were (#1)change the IDE properties of the device manager (transfer mode box to PIO only) and (following failure of #1) clean boot.

Because I have two DVD burners it was a little difficult, as there are 3 primary IDE channels, 3 secondary and 3 standard dual channel PCI IDE controllers (whatever those are). I think I tried the first two of primary IDE channels. But I’d be willing to try again, with some direction.

I also tried to rip the DVD with Nero, but got “NeroRecode2 encountered a problem and can’t continue.” I don’t think Nero recognizes the vob files of my camera. Although I think it ripped the small vob files??? The one I can’t work with is like 1 million kb

My questions: why can’t I cut and paste the file from the dvd to a hard drive folder like the camera directions suggest? Why can’t nero handle this? What software would solve my problem? Can you suggest another forum or website to help me.

Background: Windows XP, Camera: SONY DCR DVD92, Nero, ATI Radeon 200 Pentium® D cpu 2.80Ghz
System memory 445mb cpu 2800 mhz bus 200mhz
dvd burner drive: TSST Corp SHS182D

Disc: TDK DVD-RW 2x, 8 cm I think.


Hey LtTony, good name btw! try ripping with DVDDecrypter in IFO mode>pick PGC in question,tick Stream processing and check “enable stream processing”…make sure to set in Tools>settings>Ifo Mode>file splitting >None<… result one VOB file…
Then use VOB2MPG on your one VOB and edit resulting MPG with Authoring proggy…hope that helps…others will post their tips soon enough.Good luck!


Thanks for the reply, t0nee1. It irritates me that the process seems to be hassle. I thought going digital would make editing easy (easier). I now realize I need to educate myself on the subject, as the programs and steps you suggest sound a bit complex. I thought I would be able to slap discs into the computer and learn as I went with Windows MovieMaker or Nero.
There is more than one file on the disc and I’m uncertain at the moment if they are all vob files or not. Not sure why I have to put them into one file, then split it. “…one VOB and edit resulting MPG with Authoring proggy” goes over my head. What file format are DVDs played in? MPEG?
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the advice – keep it coming.
It also just occurred to me to visit and photo or electronics store and find someone that can identify with my problem. Duh! (slaps forehead)
Further, I’m wondering if a DVD-R would present less of a problem than a DVD-RW.


Sorry to have confused you LT,that was not my intent…But yeah a little reading will go a long way…

First thing you need to do is find what type of file you’ll be working with. As you found out not all programs(proggys), or tools if you will, let you import or edit certain formats (e.g. VOB, MPG,AVI etc…Other tools will as you’ll see in the linked thread…IMO, it’s easier and makes more sense to work with one large VOB or MPG,and edit and author,as opposed to working with several files that eventually you’ll have to put back together. Which is why my suggesting Vob2MPG…There is no re-encoding involved…Some have suggested just changing the file extension from VOB to MPG,however that’s not always guaranteed to work when editing…
So keep reading/researching and get back to us for tips and some help…There’s other freeware proggys/tools not mentioned in the thread that I’m confident should work for you, just let us know the file types in folder,Ok!..good luck


Type of files – I right click for properties of larger (movie) files I was able to get to the HD shows “DVD movie file” They are 52,000kb and 192,000kb in size (VTS_xx_x). They were identified as vob files through NeroRecode’s attempt to “Import File” and through NeroVision Express 3 “Add Video files.”

Other files are Video_TS “Backup file of the IFO” (18kb), Video_TS “DVD movie” (768kb), VTS_01_0 “DVD movie info,” (30kb), another VTS_01_0 (“backup file of the IFO, 30kb), VTS_03_1 (DVD movie, 384 kb).
None of these make any sense nor seem to be consistent to me.

In attempting to recode to “Nero Digital,” the OEM NeroRecode won’t even let me initiate the process, saying “Due to patent license restrictions, MPEG-4 encoding is not available. When I attempt to burn and DVD with Nero Vision I get an “I/O device error” message when the program wants to put them to the HD before burning a disc.

What type of file(s) do commercial DVD movies use?

The instructions for the SONY camera mention a program, “Picture Package”, but I don’t recall getting that software on disc with the camera. Maybe that would help.

Do you think using DVD-R discs would help?


Hey Lt, in the larger video, are all files in a VIDEO_TS folder, in other words are their VOB’s Ifo’s Bup’s in the VIDE0_TS folder?
The 192,000kb file is most likely the main clip…see if you can open/play with media player to confirm… DVD compliant movies contain a VIDEO_TS with vob’s ifo’s and bup files…
Here is a typical VIDEO_TS folder and it’s contents…


Thanks T0nee.

“are all files in a VIDEO_TS folder” [B]Yes[/B]

“see if you can open/play with media player to confirm”

[B]Tried the 192,000kb file. Yeah, they open and play, but they play differently with WMP9 and Nero Showtime. WMP9 shows the disc menu shot, some still photos and some vid clips, with like three chapters and about 20 titles in chap 1 that are all the same or something.
Showtime ques up what I think is a large file and plays it. I couldn’t readily find that file with WMP. Maybe it’s there though.
Bottom line: by all outside appearances two different players seem to be playing two entirely different files[/B]

My next post will be my attempt to show the screen shot of the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder.


Screen shot of the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder…


Sorry I can’t figure out how to create an image big enough to see yet meet the 97 kb upload limit.


Here’s another try


Forget it. I give up on the screen shot.


Lt download this media player instead,you’ll surely be glad you did…
As far as screenshot just hit , Ctrl,ALT and PrintScreen on keyboard,now you’ll have a snapshot in clipboard ,which you can paste in paint and save as PNG image and upload…


I will try that player. bu7t it’s getting frustrating… I NOW have a player problem, as well as an editing/ripping problem.

And PNG? OK. I was saving as a bmp. Video and picture files are now officially driving me crazy.