Ripping games to HardDrive as 1 Image file

Hi, I want to rip all my games to my Harddrive just as 1 image file (not 2 like cue and iso), but so its like a perfect 1:1 image, so if I was ever to burn a backup I could just use the cd it was on and not get messages like “please insert cd”.

I say only 1 file is because I don’t want all the mess, I want all my PC games in one big folder, with the image files labled the game they are, instead of having to put them all in seperate folders because there are 2 files just so it looks neat.

Also the file has to be an image that Daemon Tools will load.

Thnx in advanced, all information would be greatly appreciated. :iagree:


Transferring to CD & DVD Copy Protection forum…

It’s just not as simple as let’s make a image of a game and being able to load them in Daemon Tools. You have to be able to understand copy protections and how they work. Some you can simulate and get by, well there are others that you can’t without being able to create a workaround for the disk check.

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So what would be best, using clone CD or Alcohol for 1:1 copies.

^ First, there is no such thing as a 1:1 copy of a copy protected game.

However, each of the best known specialist duplicating programs, alcohol, blindwrite and CloneCD have trial versions. Why not check them out and then purchase whichever of them suits you best?

Well I’ve just used clonecd and have been reading the tutorial but I’m a bit stuck.

  1. The profile “Protected Game CD”, how do I know which protections this will work on?

  2. My game “Fear” is a DVD, and clonecd only recognises it as a DVD and only gives me the DVD profile, will this profile ensure to create an image that gets pass the SecureROM protection?

Thanks all your help so far has been greatly appreciated.

I’ve just tried clonecd serveral times making an image of Warcraft 3- Frozen Throne, and non of them with and without a cue file will load the game correctly, monthed onto a virtual drive or burnt onto a disk, I’m very disappointed with clonecd and will now try alcohol.

=> Fear DVD - You can’t make either a physical copy or a working image of a securom protected dvd with CloneCD. You’ll have to use either alcohol or blindwrite.

=> Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne - If you want to use CloneCD, you’ll have to use this method. With alcohol see here or here. With blindwrite see here.

Excellent tutorials, thankyou.

I don’t understand how I can know what version of the Securerom is actually on the disk, A Ray scanner tells me what the protection, just not the version; how am I meant to find this out for my other games?

Thanks for all the advice so far, and they’re some great written tutorials.

Just tried the alcohol tutorial and it hasn’t worked with Warcraft Frozen Throne.

I patched it, burnt it, and it gets stuck on the loading screen with a cd continuously spinning, now I’m gonna try with blindwrite!

You need to scan the installation directory on your hard drive.