Ripping from an audio SACD?

Hello everyone
I recently bought an audio SACD and wondered if there was a software (free or not) which could rip the titles and convert it to mp3, wma, wav and so on.
Thank you so much :bow:

[I]No way to rip SACD audio[/I]. If your SACD is an “hybrid” one like many are (both SACD and standard AudioCD layers), you can rip/compress the standard AudioCD layer (44100Hz, 16bit stereo) in the usual way.

Or if you can play it on your PC you can copy it with TotalRecorder. Not free but a great little program.

If you can play it on the PC it means that it is a “hybrid” SACD and you’re playing the standard AudioCD part.

why would you want to degrade the whole effort and knock the file into an (ugh!)mp3…its multichannel anyway…as it stands theres no way of ripping…the only way is analogue transfer ir to connect up the sacd players phono outputs to yer line in and record 3 stereo pairs…then in a audio editor that has surround output line all the 3 stereos pairs together in synch…not that easy but there are ways…once thats done you assign the FL FR to front then CEN LFE to middle and Ls Rs to the rear…if all has gone well you and in synch then save out 6 mono wavs or a 6 channel audio file…wma pro being one of them…and its best to save them as 96khz 24bit too…ie record them at that rate…rumour has thats theres been some dsd to pcm transfers…but dont quote me…the 6 monos can be encoded another multichannel codec