Ripping from a DVD?



I have a program called SmartRipper. When I try to rip from it it says “searching key…”. After a while of searching it says “No keys found to this encrypted file !” Is there something im missing?


Smartripper is no more developed.
There’s maybe a newer protection on it, so i would try dvddecrypter, anydvd
or dvd43!


Use DVD Shrink for ripping is one of the good ones.


Yeah upgrade to DVD Decrypter - its constantly updated for new methods. Smartripper is years old.


Thank you so much for all your reply’s. I downloaded DVD Decrypter and it works, but I have one more question. If there are 8 vob files on my DVD, how could i rip 4 vob files to one big file? Sorry if you dont understand my question that well. Im not very good at explaining.


Sorry! One more question. How would I convert the vob files to avi or mpg?


See the tutorials in this section of the forum.