Ripping from a copyrighted cd?

Is it possible to rip certain tracks of a secured, copyrighted cd in the wav-format? I don’t really know which protection method is used. I already tried EAC (Exact Audio Copy), but when i tell it to rip the song, it starts reading, but freezes and wasn’t able to rip just one second! And Clony XXL just says that it’s a cd-extra, i can’t find anything about the protection method used. Can somebody tell me which program i can use? Thanks.

Check the protection at

try using feurio

Nothing worries EAC, it can rip a track off wet cement. I suggest that the problem lays in your reader. Lite-On, for example, cannot read protected CD-DA whereas AOpen can peel it like an orange; best bet is the new Yammy 24x writer…beeeyudafull.

Point is, your reader must be capable! It’s a hardware thing.

I have 2 drives in my pc: an old HP 8100i CD-r(w) and a Toshiba SD-M1612 16x DVD rom (40x CD read). At first i only tried to rip the first track of the disc with the toshiba drive. I didn’t work. All tracks after number one did work. Luckely, when i placed the disc in the hp drive, it would also rip the first track. Strange, but it must be a hardware problem then. I used EAC. Thanks for all your advise.