Ripping for transferring...something is missing?


I’m having a continuing problem ripping downloads.

7 Zip File Manager is used to “open” the files to mp3, for transferring.

On some of them, they get ripped to something called “mp3 format sound” and my NERO says it requires something to be attached to my NERO, for them to be opened for transferring.

I have a link to a list of dll’s but this is where I get lost.

PLEASE help me to figure what I’m doing wrong here, or that I have to put into my NERO to rip these for transferring.

Thanks so very much !

Yours, Mike

Can you explain better?

What do you mean exactly with “ripping downloads”? :confused:

I think maybe the OP means transferring = burning, as Nero does indeed require a plugin to convert .mp3 files to an audio CD.

My suggestion would be to create your audio CD from your mp3 files with the free software Burrrn - the main site is down, but you can also find it here:

If I’m wrong, please disregard this post :slight_smile:

oops… :slight_smile:

Also ImgBurn can do the work then :bigsmile: