Ripping Flawless Discs Fails



I’m trying to rip my U2 CD collection to MP3 files to fit most of it on one disc to go.

U2 - POP
This disc is flawless and plays perfectly in my home CD player.

Using CDex to rip to MP3 some songs rip well but others fail with several errors. Durring playback, there are audible errors/drop outs in those songs with errors. Some songs wont completely rip at all.

EAC will rip to wav but reports many timing problems but finshes claiming there are no errors. Durring playback, there are audioble errors/drop outs.

I have the same problem with one song on
U2 - The Best of 1990-2000 Disc 1 of 2.
Disc 2 of 2 has no problems.

Thank you


Clony XL reports no protection.
Clony XXL reports no protection.
Clony XXL reports one skull of protection
on my U2 - POP CD but it doesn’t tell me what the protection is. Many words on menu tabs are in German even though I’ve selected English as the language.

Alcoholer 4.1 can’t read the settings found by Clony XXL
Alcoholer 4.1 reports that either ClonyXXL isn’t installed or it’s too old a version for it to notice it.
Alcholer 4.1 does recognize that the newer version of Clony XXL doesn’t find any protection and wants to set CloneCD or Alcoholer to normal, unprotected “Audio CD” settings.

I somehow made a back-up of this disc long ago.
I think I used CloneCD with “Audio CD” settings and no protection consideration.
Now when I try to rip from it, there are timing errors on some but not all of the songs as I detailed in my previous post.

I can listen to the back-up in my home Stereo CD player with no errors.
I can’t rip some of the songs.