Ripping Files From CD

I am trying to rip files from Delta Force Black Hawk Down CD by selecting files and folders and drag and dropping to my hardrive.When transferring it comes up with attached error box.jpeg. Error copying file or folder.There are 3x folders and 2x files on the disc.There is a DFBHD Folder which is 4.03gb???, surely this cannot be correct.Can someone give me any pointers as to how to copy the files to my hardrive.
Any advice would be great, Thanks, Dave.:confused:


Have you tried ripping the image to your hdd then loading the image into a virtual drive and pulling your desired files from there.
The cd protection is probably jamming you up. Same thing with DVD’s and audio CD’s, you can’t usually drag a drop anything directly from the disk.

This can be done with Daemon Tools v3.41

Hope this helps.